Golden Club Cabanas - Location - Ria Formosa

Our Location

Beach, lagoon, hinterland and culture

Golden Club Cabanas lies at the heart of the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, facing the lagoon, a secluded beach (Cabanas Island) and the sea, 6 Kms East of Tavira in the Eastern Algarve. The Ria Formosa Nature Reserve is the largest protected area in the Algarve, hosting the warmest bathing waters in Portugal.

Stay at Golden Club and discover the lagoon, Cabanas beach, the fortress at Cacela Velha, the farms of the Barrocal, villages forgotten in the hilly hinterland, and the coastal town of Tavira, which preserves the architecture and charm of the old Algarve.

Golden Club Cabanas proves the ideal base for exploring the Eastern reaches of the Algarve, for active holidays in the midst of nature – walking, hiking, cycling and boat trips – with family and friends.

Cabanas de Tavira

A fishing village

Bordering on the East with Golden Club, facing the lagoon, Cabanas de Tavira remains a traditional fishing village, with all year round activity coming more to life in the summer.

Follow the Cabanas boardwalk along the lagoon as far as the São João da Barra Fortress, enjoying the views and the winter sun. Cross by boat to Cabanas Island and enjoy a fantastic beach, a 7 Km long island of golden sands.

There are several good restaurants in Cabanas de Tavira specialising in fish and shellfish, as well as pizzerias, cafés, bars, a homemade ice-cream parlour, small shops and a daily market.


Heritage and Culture

Tavira is one of the prettiest towns in Portugal, with its double gabled roofs, 37 churches, medieval castle and walls, Phoenician wells and Roman bridge across the river.

Wandering along the river banks or the meandering streets and alleys, discover a charming town with live performances, arts and handicraft shops. Explore the fish and vegetable market, restaurants and small bars, bakeries and cafés. Try the grilled fish, the tuna estupeta, the cornbread and clam dish xarém com conquilhas, as well as the almond sweets and carob pastries.

Conquered from the Moors in 1242, Tavira flourished with its maritime trade in the 14th and 15th centuries.  Many splendid buildings and palaces continued to be built here in the following centuries.

From Golden Club Cabanas, you can walk or cycle to Tavira through the nature reserve and salt pans (6 km, following the Ecovia do Algarve bike trail). There is also a regular bus service (stopping just outside Golden Club).